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Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting services are inevitable for any business. The reports which are extracted from the bookkeeping and accounting, such as profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance and the cash flow statements, replicates the company's true current financial condition, additionally these reports also use to file sales tax,payroll tax and business taxes when due.


The Hack Tax Service, Inc. offers the following services for over a decade, and we have over a thousand satisfied clients who are using our services.


  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping : We do book-keeping and accounting based on the actual activities against the business, and we maintain books and records on the accrual and cash basis as per the client requirement.
  2. Sales tax filing : It is one of the sensitive areas to report the collected revenue from the end users on behalf of the revenue department of the state, besides it is a fiduciary duty of an accountant to follow the guidelines of the state defined laws and interpret the law to the client correctly to avoid any future complication by the revenue department.
  3. Payroll tax filing : Employee payroll withholding is calculated and reported accurately to avoid becoming a personally labile, if it was calculated wrongly and the employee default to pay. We file payroll sate, federal and city returns electronically for all 50 states of the USA, including District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. We deposit withholding with the Internal Revenue Service and the state on time and also debit the employee remittance in their banks according to the employer's instructions.
  4. Business tax filing : We prepare all types of business taxes such as for the sole proprietorship, corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, foreign entities, general partnerships, professional corporations and limited liability companies.
  5. Income Tax filing : We prepare income tax for the US residents and nonresidents and use the updated and advanced software to calculate proper deductions and credits to minimize the liability.
  6. Cloud software for bookkeeping and accounting: We also provide a facility to maintain books and records on the cloud software to give our clients an access of 7/24.


Why choose to maintain your books and records?


We believe in the technology, and we have set up an online admin for our clientele to download their information remotely 24/7 from anywhere. We are serving for over a decade and most clients are either repeated or referrals.


  • We have 7/24 live chat service to give answers to our clients with a live operator.
  • You can upload and download documents in our online admin to save a trip.
  • Check the status of your job online and communication through the admin to keep the communication saved and transparently.