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A registered agent is required to register a company in the USA

What is the purpose of a Registered Agent?


A registered agent is a person or an entity, that receives mail or the official notifications on behalf of the company from the government and legal agencies such as Internal Revenue Service, Division of Taxation and Finance and the law offices if there is any law suits.


Having a registered agent is required in the USA to register a company, and a business owner can also serve a registered agent for an entity rather than hiring a third party representative to receive the official notices on the entity's behalf. A registered agent is also known as a resident or statutory agent.


Who can serve a registered agent?


  • A person : The person must be a legal resident and the citizen of the state where the business is being operated. Additionally, he/she must know the responsibilities of a registered agent.
  • A legal entity Company : The company, that is  registered with the secretary of state and also in a good standing is eligible to serve as a registered agent.

Why do I need a Registered Agent?


  • If, one does not have a physical address where the company will be established.
  • A PO BOX address is not acceptable, where the business will be started and the registered agent serves a purpose.
  • Generally, the registered agent address remains the same and you are free to move anytime anywhere.
  • A registered agent is responsible to send a notification for the company renewal and tax filing deadlines. If you do not renew your company on time, you will face admin dissolution, revocation, penalties and interest from the agencies.
  • It is highly recommended for a small business, use third party registered agent services, that avoids passing tax and official notice deadlines. Because, the notices have to be responded in a timely manner to avoid converting the situation in a complex.
  • A registered agent does not serve to DBA or a sole proprietorship. It must be a legal entity such as a corporation or a limited liability company.