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How To Start A Non Profit Corp

What is a Non Profit Entity and how to register it?


A nonprofit organization is an entity that is registered to serve the communities. It is registered to help a needy person or arrange a place where different faith of people come for the worship. A nonprofit is registered as a religious or non religious, non profit, additionally, it is registered with the secretary of state and the Internal Revenue Service which will be defined below, the reason of each registration in detail.


There is no residency restriction to register a nonprofit entity in the USA and a Non-USA resident is also eligible to register a nonprofit entity, whether he/she is physically present in the USA or not.


Non Profit Registration with the Secretary of State:


Every non profit entity whether it is a religious or non religious, it is required to register with the secretary of state or with the county clerk's office.


The following information is sent to the state where the nonprofit organization will be operated:


  • A propose names of the nonprofit, that must be available.
  • The complete street address, where the nonprofit organization will be operated.
  • Detailed mission of the nonprofit that covers the scope of the nonprofit operation.
  • Name and duties of each officer and director.


Federal Exemption obligation for a nonprofit entity:


  • The nonprofit entity also registers with the Internal Revenue Service to obtain tax exemption status.
  • It remains a profit corporation by the Internal Revenue Service, until issues a certificate of exemption to the nonprofit entity.
  • A donor cannot claim the donation on the tax return end of the year,  until  the IRS has not been awarded the tax exemption status ( 501c3) to the nonprofit entity.


How to launch a campaign to promote a new Non Profit organization?


A nonprofit entity depends on the general public contribution and the message of the mission must be very motivated to attract the attention of potential donors. The visibility is very important to spread out the slogan of a new nonprofit and the online presence is almost inevitable to reach out the large audience nationally and internationally.


A website and launching digital campaigns on the different networking websites are very helpful tools for an instant boost to your online campaigns for raising money.


What is the yearly filing requirement for a nonprofit organization in the USA?


Every nonprofit other than the religious are required to file yearly returns to the Internal Revenue Service. Additionally, an annual or biennial report is filed to keep the good standing active.