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File Food Processing Establishment License NY

What are the characteristics of the Food Processing Establishment License New York?


The food processing establishment license is obtained to sell the processing food to the end users. The food processing permit is filed with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), if it is intended to conduct within the five boroughs which includes Bronx,  Brooklyn ,  Manhattan , Queens and Staten Island otherwise for the out outside of above mentioned locations it it applied with the  NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.


This license is obtained to provide foods at the restaurants, employee cafeterias, bakeries, takeouts, pizzerias, night clubs, cabarets, bars, senior centers, emergency food relief organizations, public and non-public schools, or religious, fraternal and charitable organizations.


How to apply Food Processing Establishment License New York?


The following requirement fulfilled to get the Food Processing Establishment License New York:


  • Design the safety requirement where the food will be prepared and provided.
  • Create a legal business structure such as a dba, corporation or a limited liability company to apply business license under an entity.
  • Provide proof of home address, photo identification, Sales tax certificate of authority which is used to collect sales tax from the end users, proof of business registration, worker's compensation and the disability insurance coverage certificate or the officers exemption letter to by-pass the insurance requirement, Payment of Outstanding Fines for DOHMH Violations (if any),  Proof of Not-for-Profit Status(i f applicable) , Power of Attorney or Authority to Act Affidavit (if applicable) and the filing fees.
  • The food establishment license can either be applied online or via mail.
  • The estimated time to issue a license is 3-4 weeks after submitting the application, and the status of the application can be checked online. The The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene contacts to the applicant if there is additional information are required.
  • The Department of Health and Mental hygiene send an inspector to inspect the place and make sure that the business meets all the safety requirement.


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