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File Sole Proprietorship | DBA

What is sole proprietorship or a DBA?


A sole proprietorship is one of the entity types which is established to start a business in the United States. It is also known as the simplest way to conduct and manage the business. It is known by the various names such as fictitious name, trade name, assumed name, abn, sole proprietorship or a dba.


It is registered under a person, and a Non-US resident who is not physically presented in the USA is not eligible to file a sole proprietorship. It is required to register, if a person uses a business name to advertise a business.


How to register a sole proprietorship?


  • A sole proprietorship is registered in most states with the counties and in a few states with the secretary of state. For example; the state of Florida is one of the states where a sole proprietorship is registered with the Secretary of State Florida.

  • Generally, in most states multiple people can register business with a same name unless it is protected by the USPTO, as a trademark. Some states require publication also in the newspaper to file a dba such as the state of California and Florida.

  • In most states a person cannot register his/her personal name as a dba, instead a business name is required to file a dba.

  • In most states a dba is required to renew on or before the due date. It is generally issued from five to ten years.

  • A DBA is registered under an individual or already established entity with the secretary if states such as for the corporations or limited liability company.

  • A dba does not have the same  characteristic like a corporation or a limited liability company, such as; domestication and conversion is not allowed.

  • In some states a word "company", "group" or a plural cannot be used to register a dba and the New York state is one of the states.