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Business Licenses

A business license is one of the requirements to start a business, and it is generally issued by the local and state government bodies. One business may acquire multiple license to sell different products and services. Like; a convenient store may get the tobacco license, beer and wine license and a lotto license.


There are different types of business licenses such as;


  • Cigarette and Tobacco license

  • Beer and Wine License

  • Car Dealerships License

  • Vendor license

  • Peddler license

  • Auto workshop license

  • Food processing or salesperson license

  • A home occupancy license, if the business is planning to conduct from home.

  • and Many More according to the business type.


Each license has a unique characteristic to use and process to acquire.

Generally, the following information is requested to provide by the department to apply for a business license.


  • Type of entity such as a corporation, limited liability company or a social security number.

  • Employer identification number or a social security number.

  • Name and addresses of all the owners.

  • Business description

  • Some licenses require finger printing too, like a beer and wine license.

  • Workers' compensation insurance

  • A complete business address

  • Sales and use tax if taxable products and services are offered to sell to an end user.


How to maintain a business license?


  • Every business licensee has an age and it is required to renew on or before it expires.

  • A valid business license is posted at the business location.

  • A business license can be temporarily suspended or permanently revoked if the violate the guidelines which are defined by the department.

  • A business license is issued to each location and a new application is filed to get a business license to a new location and follow the same procedure.


Can a person who does not have a social security number is eligible to apply for a business license.?


The answer is yes, a person who does not have an  (ITIN)  Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or a social security number can still file for a business license and the same procedure is applied.