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Business Services

Hack Income Tax is serving the industry and the community for over twenty years and we have a very successful record of accounting and business registration. A taxpayer and a business person may need the following services and we promise to perform it professionally.


  • Accounting and Book-Keeping
  • Income Tax and Business Tax Filings
  • Get a business license to start a business
  • Business name registration as a corporation, LLC or a dba
  • Register limited partnerships and general partnerships
  • File a merger and consolidation of a company
  • File the Employer Identification Number with that Internal Revenue Service's for a US resident or non resident.
  • Sales and Use Tax permit to collect sales tax on taxable goods and services
  • A foreign entity or a branch office of the out of state or country
  • A non-profit, charities and religious companies that serve to a society
  • A certificate of good standing or a certificate of status that shows that, the specific company is legally registered with the secretary of state and active
  • Cigarette and tobacco license to sell tobacco products.
  • We file article about conversion to convert the existing entity type from a corporation to a limited liability company or vice versa
  • We file the articles of domestication that moves an existing company from one state to another without losing the age and the history of the company.
  • Company name change for the corporations and limited liability companies
  • File annual reports, biennial report, period report, statement of information, franchise report and the initial filings.
  • We secure the certified copies of the lost documents from the secretary of state
  • We acquire a state withholding number which is required to hire an employee
  • Retail and Wholesale beer and wine Licenses
  • A business dissolution
  • A complete e-Business set-up